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The excellent Charles Marriott

The early 20th century was some kind of golden age for cricket in many countries throughout the world. England was no exception. A highly popular Bangladeshi betting site is 1xBet, and among other things, it is possible to use it in order to wager on great English cricket matches. Charles Marriott was a player who had a remarkable career during the first half of the 20th century. He took part in more than 150 first-class cricket matches with various squads from the County Championship between the years 1919 and 1937. Also, he participated in just one Test match in his entire career. It was celebrated on the 12th of August 1933. A great and popular betting site is the one offered by 1xBet Bangladesh, which features everything related to English cricket.

A fantastic googly and leg-break bowler

Bowling is definitely one of the most difficult aspects in all of the cricket. Mastering the required techniques to be a great bowler is a very difficult task. When the best bowlers in the sport are on the field, don’t forget to go to - best online cricket betting on lots of outcomes. Marriott had a remarkable career that he spent in three teams, which were: Lancashire; Cambridge University; and Kent. In all those squads, the player was seen as an excellent bowler. He was particularly effective when using leg-breaks and googlies, which made him a tough opponent to play against. The best online cricket betting platform is 1xBet, and it is the best place to visit when excellent cricketers are playing. The technique used by Marriott was quite interesting. For example, he moved his arm behind his back prior to releasing the ball. This allowed him to give it a much greater boost than other players. Many people who knew him stated that he developed his technique after training basically without stopping.

Excellent statistics

As said before, Charles Marriott played a single Test match. However, this match was enough to make him a legend of the English national squad. Punters can bet live on 1xBet website on the English team at any moment, which can be a winning decision. During the aforementioned contest, the player took eleven wickets, which is still an incredible record. But that’s not all, because Marriott’s domestic statistics are also impressive. He took more than 7 hundred wickets during his first-class career in England. This has made him a legend of most of the teams where he has played. Making a live bet on the 1xBet website is incredibly simple, and punters can visit it to wager on whether players will take wickets during cricket matches.